Year-Reviewed Journal


Hello, and welcome to the end of the world 2017. It's been a generally annual kind of year, the type that contains 365 days. As we all know, the hands-down most wonderful thing that happened this year is PlayReactive coming into existence! Hooray for being born.

We’ve had a lot of fun being alive, so we thought we'd put together a little flashback montage for you all to relive the best moments, followed by a little preview of what’s to come in 2018.

2017 in Review

Now Play This

At the start of this year, we were commissioned by experimental games festival Now Play This to make two games to be showcased at London’s Somerset House. We created Carpe Diem, a strategic sport played out in the fountains, and Telephone, a curious object that invites you to share your deepest secrets in just 10 seconds.

telephone-artist-sandcastles copy.jpg

PlayReactive Launch

To celebrate our official entrance into society, we held our very own debutante ball hosted at our lovely community watering hole, Bar SK. People were physically puppeteered into painful positions, a bunch of birds were accidentally slapped, and loud arguments erupted over whether books are better than music. I think that’s an accurate enough description, but you can also read more about it here: PlayReactive Launch Recap

Action Loop

We had the honour of presenting at the Freeplay 2017 Parallels Showcase during Melbourne International Games Week! So instead of doing something like spruiking our upcoming projects or having a sensible postmortem of something we've already done, we of course decided to make a brand new performance game. Action Loop was a virtual-virtual-reality reality-loop, which saw an actor and two players attempt to get to the Parallels conference and give a talk on virtual reality.


Choir of the Impossible

An old shop front was gonna be bulldozed, so the obvious solution for us was to rent it out and turn it into an experimental pop-up art exhibition with a bunch of awesome artists. You can read more about it here: Choir of the Impossible Recap

Thank you so much for following our journey and supporting us throughout this past year, and we look forward to a grand year ahead!

WriteupLee Shang Lun